It pays to do business with Farm Credit. Most businesses return their profits to outside investors. At Farm Credit, our borrowers ARE our investors. As such, our borrowers have the opportunity to share in our profits. Farm Credit believes in the importance of cooperative ownership and its benefits, including the sharing of the association’s profits through our interest rebates program.

As a member-owner, not only do you have the opportunity to share our profits, but our borrowers who are involved in agriculture also have a say in the way the cooperative is run.

Each year, our farmer-borrowers have the opportunity to elect a group of their peers to our board of directors. This elected group is comprised of farmers, ranchers, and growers—people who understand what you need from a lender. The directors guide the association’s activities and policies throughout the year.

At Farm Credit, we put our profits in YOUR pockets, and we are committed to serving agriculture and rural America as a stable source of credit now and in the future. Since 1988, Farm Credit of Northwest Florida has returned more than $85,000,000 in interest rebates.

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