Did you know being a Farm Credit member lets you share in our profits?

You read that right – since 1988, Farm Credit of Northwest Florida borrowers have received over $96 million in patronage distributions. 

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about patronage here:

What is a patronage distribution?
How is my share of patronage determined?
What are the different ways patronage can be paid?
Is patronage taxable?
When will I get my first patronage check?
How does patronage benefit me?
How do I qualify to receive patronage?
Are patronage payments guaranteed?
This seems too good to be true -- how can I find out more?

The Farm Credit of Northwest Florida’s Board of Directors is elected by the stockholders of the Association.  The Board is responsible to keep the cooperative operating on a sound financial basis. The amount and timing of patronage distributions, retirements of equities such as stock/participation certification investments and allocated surplus are all at the discretion of the Board.

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