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Land_thumb.jpgOur lenders are land experts who will help you choose a loan structure that’s just right for you. As a Farm Credit customer, you can qualify for cash interest rebates that will save you money and lower your cost of borrowing.


Home_thumb.jpgFarm Credit understands the rural way of life like no other lender.  Whether buying, building or refinancing, let our home lending specialists help you move into the home of your dreams.  We offer loans for lots, single-family homes, and fixed rate construction loans, all with no acreage limitations.


Farm_thumb.jpgDo you farm full-time, part-time or as a part of your rural lifestyle?  Do you have a business that supports or provides services to agriculture?  If so, Farm Credit is for you.  Our lenders, who specialize in farming and timber, will help you grow your business while our cash interest rebates help grow your bottom line.


Ybsm_thumb.jpgFor many farmers, ranchers, and growers, Farm Credit is the lender of choice from startup through growth and into maturity of their  business. Our loan officers understand agriculture and the challenges involved in a new farming operation, transferring an existing operation, or expanding into new commodities or markets.


Equipment_thumb.jpgEvery farmer knows the frustration of not having the right equipment…. or equipment that’s not dependable.  Our lenders have the right tools to get you up and running.  Let Farm Credit help you acquire or upgrade your equipment today.

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