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Need money in a hurry? With just a phone call or a click of your mouse, FastCash can transfer funds from your Line of Credit loan into your personal or business checking account.

When you need money fast—to make a purchase, cover a check or just pay operating expenses—FastCash delivers. Do it today and the money is in your account the next morning.

With FastCash you can:

  • Bank anywhere! You can do your banking from your home, office or the cab of your tractor—wherever you have a phone or a computer
  • Save time. No more rushing to town to pick up a check. Automated banking simplifies your busy life
  • Save money. Because FastCash is free, wire transfer fees become a thing of the past
  • Protect your account. Know your transactions are safe
  • Get on with business while we take care of the details

Financing for People Who Live, Work or Play in the Country

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